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A Next Generation Banner Rotator

In this blog post we are going to expand upon last weeks announcement of our new banner rotator feature. The banner rotator concept is quite old in web years. Sites have been rotating banner ads for a long time, probably since the mid to early 90’s. AdPlugg’s new banner rotator takes a modern approach to […]

New Ad Rotator Feature Released!

Yesterday we released a new ad rotator feature! This feature allows you to rotate which of several ads is displayed or rotate the position in which the ads display relative to one another. If your zone is configured to limit the number of ads displayed, it will function like a banner rotator. In this setup, […]

Blog Advertising Equals Increased Revenues

Blog advertising is the general term used for the act of advertising on a web log or “blog”. The Blogosphere Most blogs are based around a topic. There are blogs about cooking, fishing, golfing, parenting, weddings, technology and just about any other topic that you can imagine. Many blogs get even more specific, for instance […]

What is an Ad Server

In it’s most general sense the question “What is an Ad Server?” can be answered as: an ad server is a computer system for serving ads. What is an Ad Server: An Example Say you have a webpage at, the content for the web page is typically served by the web server residing at […]