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A Next Generation Banner Rotator

Banner RotatorIn this blog post we are going to expand upon last weeks announcement of our new banner rotator feature.

The banner rotator concept is quite old in web years. Sites have been rotating banner ads for a long time, probably since the mid to early 90’s. AdPlugg’s new banner rotator takes a modern approach to an old concept and brings you a next generation banner rotator.

Similar to the banner rotators of the 90’s, AdPlugg’s banner rotator allows you to alternate the display of multiple ads in a single postion on your website, such as the header/leaderboard. But it adds a number of new and modern features to this old concept. The AdPlugg ad server can serve different rotating ads to different pages and zones through targeting. In addition, it can schedule your rotating ads so that new ads appear and disappear from the rotation based on their schedule.

The AdPlugg ad rotator can also rotate the relative positioning of multiple ads that are displayed at the same time. Our latest cookbook recipe (published yesterday) shows you how to create Tiered Ads. In the recipe, we teach you how to break your sidebar up into two tiers, “Premium” and “Standard”. The premium ads display at the top and rotate with other premium ads while the standard ads display at the bottom and rotate with other standard ads.

The advanced tracking and analytical functionality of AdPlugg allows you (and your advertisers) to see the impressions and clicks that each of your ads are getting. This allows you and your advertisers — who know that an ad is rotating in and out of a location — to see exactly how many times the ad was displayed.

Through the usage of new functionality offered by AdPlugg and the modern web, AdPlugg has truly created a next generation banner rotator.

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