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New Ad Rotator Feature Released!

Yesterday we released a new ad rotator feature! This feature allows you to rotate which of several ads is displayed or rotate the position in which the ads display relative to one another.
Banner Rotator
If your zone is configured to limit the number of ads displayed, it will function like a banner rotator. In this setup, which ad is displayed will rotate randomly on each refresh. This is very useful for zones such as the topbar/leaderboard where you can only display one ad at a time. With this functionality you could sell a fraction of the topbar location to multiple advertisers and potentially earn more per month than you could by selling 100% of it to a single advertiser. To learn more about how to set up this banner rotator configuration, check out this cookbook recipe Randomly Rotate Which Ad Displays.
Ad Rotator
If your zone can display two or more ads at a time, then it will rotate the position of each ad in relation to one another. For example, say you have three ads displayed down your right sidebar of your site, the ad rotator would rotate which ad was shown first, second and third from the top so that no one ad would always get the top spot. This functionality would allow you to charge the same rate for each of the three ads since they each get the same level of exposure. To learn more about how to rotate the positioning of your ads, see this cookbook recipe Rotate the Position of Two Ads.

The ad rotator was designed to be very flexible and can easily be worked into your existing configuration. It can also be used in much more complex configurations than the examples that I described above. We will be adding more recipes to the cookbook in the coming days showing you some more complex ad roator setups. Stay tuned and start rotating!

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