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Surf Check for Publishers: AdPlugg’s Advisory on the AI Content Wave

AI Content Advisory: Publisher Prepares to Surf with AdPlugg's Guidance

Just as a surfer takes a moment to study the ocean before paddling out, publishers in today’s digital landscape need to read the waves and anticipate their break. Paying attention to the power and direction of the industry currents can help you position yourself in the right spot before the wave arrives. We do this at AdPlugg, too. We’re closely watching the swell of AI content, a trend that demands attention.

Spam news websites are turning the tide by using AI systems like ChatGPT to churn out low-quality, unreliable content. NewsGuard recently published a report that highlights how dozens of content farms are using AI to generate thousands of articles every day. NewsGuard has found an average of 25 new such sites each week since May 2023. 

These websites generate a huge amount of content, with some producing as many as 1,200 articles per day. This flood of content fills up advertising space and encourages the growth of more low-quality AI-driven sites. These sites take advantage of automated ad placement systems to make more money from ads.

Programmatic Advertising and AI Content: The Challenges for Publishers

Programmatic advertising, which uses automated technology to buy and sell ads, significantly contributes to the growth of these AI-driven websites. This straightforward system offers a convenient way for these kinds of websites to make money from their content.

Despite the opportunities offered by programmatic advertising, it also contributes to the rise of low-quality AI-created content. This creates a real problem for actual publishers. Here’s why: an AI-made article costs less to produce than the revenue it generates, even if it’s just a few dollars. Looking at the bigger picture, every dollar these poor-quality sites make could have been earned by actual publishers. These real publishers depend on that ad revenue to keep their work going.

In our SEO-driven world, even a single clickbait article from an AI-driven site can generate substantial engagement. This trend increases the competition for ad revenue, creating a harder environment for genuine news and content sites.

Adapting to AI Content: Strategies for Publishers

Digiday reports that 2023 began on a slow note for many publishers engaged in direct ad sales. This raises questions about the potential long-term impacts of this trend. In response to these challenges, AdPlugg suggests a strong strategy for ensuring revenue stability: establishing direct contracts with advertisers. This approach not only protects your income but also gives you more control and predictability over your earnings.

This strategy forms the foundation for our upcoming conversation with Collin, a seasoned professional at AdPlugg. Together, we’ll delve into the importance of direct contracts with advertisers. Stay tuned!

Riding the AI Content Wave: What’s Next for Publishers?

Spam content is nothing new to the internet, and it always adapts. However, the current wave of AI-generated content stands out. It’s not just about the sheer volume of low-quality content being produced. The game changer here is the dramatically lowered barrier to entry – both in terms of cost and time. This increases competition for real publishers who are trying to secure ad revenue. Basically, they’re dropping in on your wave.

How do you deal with these crowded digital waters? The answer is by staying informed, and we’re here to help with that. Keep an eye on the AdPlugg blog. We’re committed to keeping you updated on industry news, from groundbreaking AI developments to the latest trends in digital advertising. Turn to us for current conditions in the digital advertising world and the timely insights you need to keep up with this fast-changing industry.

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