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After graduating with a degree in Computer Science from Denison University, Collin has spent his career focusing on web based technologies and applications. His applications are used by bloggers, shoppers, doctors, and web surfers around the world. On his free time he enjoys golf and surfing.

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Blog Advertising Equals Increased Revenues

Blog advertising is the general term used for the act of advertising on a web log or “blog”. The Blogosphere Most blogs are based around a topic. There are blogs about cooking, fishing, golfing, parenting, weddings, technology and just about any other topic that you can imagine. Many blogs get even more specific, for instance […]

What is an Ad Server

In it’s most general sense the question “What is an Ad Server?” can be answered as: an ad server is a computer system for serving ads. What is an Ad Server: An Example Say you have a webpage at example.com, the content for the web page is typically served by the web server residing at […]

Ad Tracking is Vital to Both Bloggers and Advertisers

Ad Tracking is a vital means to ensuring that your advertising goals are being met. Many companies push their advertising out to sea with no knowledge of whether or not it achieved its desired goals. Before the internet, it was difficult to tell whether or not your advertising was working. And if you were running […]

AdPlugg On GitHub

AdPlugg is now on GitHub, Woohoo! With AdPlugg on GitHub you can take advantage of the collaborative powers of GitHub for any publicly available AdPlugg source code. GitHub is the largest code hosting site out there. It has over 10 and a half million code repositories. The great thing about GitHub for AdPlugg is that […]

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

Even if you are not much of an internet junkie, you’ve likely read or heard stories about people who make a living blogging. But what does it actually take for a blog to make money? There are actually a lot of different ways to monetize a blog and many bloggers use a combination of them. […]

Track Your Ad Performance on WordPress

WordPress is the top website platform in use on the web today.  While originally designed as a blogging tool, today it is in use by many different types of websites.  Whether blog or otherwise, a good portion of WordPress sites are running some sort of ads. And regardless of the type of ads that a […]

AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin Now on WordPress.org

The AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin is now in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory.  You can check it out here: AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin in The WordPress.org Plugin Directory. WordPress.org is the main website for WordPress which is the most popular blogging platform in the world. The WordPress.org Plugin Directory is a directory of plugins that you […]

Ad Schedule

Creating an Ad Schedule so that you can easily start and stop ads would seem like a necessity for any blog or content provider.  Surprisingly however, many blogs have no way to schedule ads. For example, say that you run a blog with even just three ads on it.  Advertiser one has paid for three […]

How Do I Put Ads On My Blog?

As advertisers looking to target blog readers, we were often asked by bloggers, “How do I  put ads on my blog?”  We’ll, that’s why we created AdPlugg. As the founder or co-founder of several different sites, I’ve found that almost always there comes a time when you start looking into advertising.  Advertising online comes in […]